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Recent Portfolio

A selection of case studies from recent projects, outlining the challenges faced and solution reached.

Pointe Works: Nicolle Teaching a Class


Rebuilding a Squarespace 5 site inline with modern web standards, including a secure "Parents' Zone", blog and online order forms.

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Nicolle from Pointe Works had set up a Squarespace website a number of years ago, which needed an update and refresh inline with modern web standards and trends. The site also needed to retain a "Parents' Zone", available only to Pointe Works dancers and their parents/guardians.


Taking inspiration from the original website, I used the latest Squarespace platform to create a brand new site, updating the structure and style. The new "Parents' Zone" takes advantage of the Secure Pages feature, with a custom lock page.


"I am absolutely delighted with my new site, it has exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend David's company to anyone. This is a job I had been putting off for years but I needn't have done as it was completely painless due to the expertise and support I was given. Excellent customer service!"

Nicolle, Pointe Works

Icon Studio Photography: Groom's Button Hole


Complete website redesign to showcase Icon's beautiful wedding photography whilst also improving loading and SEO performance over the old Wordpress site.

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Ant and Lynsay from Icon Studio needed an update to their old Wordpress site, which was underperforming due to excessive plugins—not uncommon with WP sites! I created a Squarespace site that lent from the old in terms of styling, but that was completely redesigned to evolve with their growing business.


The new Squarespace website includes a fully-featured blog, e-commerce facility for easily taking deposits and selling add-on products, and a gallery of the company's beautiful wedding photography. The new Squarespace site performs considerably better than the Wordpress site it replaces. 


"The site looks way beyond what we thought it would, and we know that you will be there to give us a helping hand when needed which is just as important to us."

Ant & Lynsay, Icon Studio Photography

NHS Benchmarking Network: Healthcare professionals discussing a case


The NHS Benchmarking Network is a national organisation with thousands of healthcare professionals as members. The new website is designed to be easy-to-navigate, whilst satisfying the NHS standards.

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The NHS Benchmark Network website gets hundreds of visits per day from healthcare professionals across the UK. The website acts as a gateway to—and marketing tool for—the Members' Area of the website. The new Squarespace needed to be responsive, secure, accessible and easy-to-update, especially in terms of constantly evolving case studies and events, as well as integrating seamlessly with the Members' Area.


The new Squarespace website is highly customised in order to fulfil all of the requirements, including: a searchable table of current Members; a filterable Events page; automatic colour coding according to pre-defined categories; and a custom-coded Members' Area login page to match the style of the new website. I trained the Marketing Team to be able to update the website without my support.


"For a membership organisation aiming to attract clients from all over the UK and potentially wider, a web site that is well-designed, functional, eye catching, highly visible and easily navigable is essential to the success of the service. David ... has provided us with a site that incorporates all of these features and more."

Claire, NHS Benchmarking Network

View from Higher Kinnerton

Higher Kinnerton
Community Council

This website won the OneVoice Wales Award for Best Website 2017 for its focus on community engagement, simplicity of design, and accessibility features.

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Higher Kinnerton Community Council had an overly-complex website, which was not being visited (let alone used) by the local community. The organisation needed to restart, with a website that was clear, responsive, accessible and easy for the Committee to keep current without requiring support.


The new, totally bespoke Squarespace site was designed in partnership with the Committee, to a very specific design brief: a 50/50 (photo/content) layout system that is elegant, professional, but different. The website also incorporates custom-coded accessibility features, allowing the visit to change background and font colours and font size to suit their requirements.

Healthcare professional with a patient

Benchmark Management Consulting Limited

Benchmark needed a brand new website to replace one that was well overdue an update. The new Squarespace site has a simple, professional style.

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Benchmark Management Consulting needed a new website that they had full control over, and that met modern standards of responsiveness, accessibility and security.


I created a totally new Squarespace website, making subtle updates to their branding, to create a simple, professional style, and trained staff in how to maintain every aspect of the website independently.


"David is a pleasure to work with, always available and willing to offer advice, to put forward constructive suggestions and to make changes as and when necessary. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services."

Claire Holditch, Benchmark Management Consulting

Photo of Mick from Solvings Limited

Solvings Limited

Solvings were transitioning from IT infrastructure into Managed Services and Cyber Security, and needed a new, easy-to-update website to keep up with the rapid changes and diversification.

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Solvings Limited was in the process of diversifying into a new area when I was hired (on a long-term contract basis) to create and manage their online presence. The new website needed to act as a "storefront" for the new products and services, including cyber security and IT managed services. Associated email templates and offline marketing materials were also required.


I developed a bespoke Squarespace website and full branding guide to set the tone for the diversification. The website had to be flexible enough to promote a broad range of services, whilst still be easy to navigate. The branding guide informed the design of emails, leaflets, posters, social media accounts, and more, giving the company a consistent look online and offline.

Painting by Malcolm Hughes

Cefn Mawr & District Museum

This small, community orientated charity needed an easy-to-maintain website aimed at attracting both locals and tourists to visit the Museum in Cefn Mawr.

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Cefn Mawr Historical Society—who run the Cefn Mawr & District Museum—wanted to create their first website to attract both local residents and visiting tourists to the Museum itself. The website needed to be, first-and-foremost, easy to update (especially the blog), and perform well in terms of search engine optimisation.


The Squarespace website is now being used and updated by the Committee on a weekly basis, and promotes the Society's events as well as the "Museum in a Box" service offered through the Museum.

Assorted Additional Work

Burton & Rossett H.S.

Website Commerce Emails Print

As a member of the BRHS Committee, I am responsible for the design and ongoing upkeep of their website, the design of promotional materials for larger events, and the Society's social media profiles.

Clockwork Consulting


Rob from Clockwork needed a website that was straightforward to update, but that also performed well in terms of SEO. I created a Squarespace site with custom iconography and parallax scrolling for a unique look.

Silicwm Valley

Website Commerce Emails Print

A co-working facility in North Wales, Silicwm Valley was the brainchild of Steve Lysaght from Solvings Limited. This site included custom iconography and advanced event booking functionality.