I'm on Dribbble!

I uploaded my first shot to Dribbble yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier! Yet the most common response I’ve had when telling people this news is, “What the hell is Dribbble?” So here’s the answer, and why I’m so happy…

Firstly, here’s the “shot” I mentioned:

My first shot on Dribbble — The Missing Raspberry logo

My first shot on Dribbble — The Missing Raspberry logo

It’s the logo I created for my wife’s baking business, The Missing Raspberry, part of a full branding and website design project I finished off recently.

It’s not going to set the world on fire in terms of design, but it means a lot to me, as it’s probably the first logo (and brand) I’ve designed that I feel proud of. To say I’m self-critical would be an understatement!

Which brings me to why posting this shot to Dribbble was so important to me…

What is Dribbble? Well, from the website: “Dribbble is a community of designers sharing screenshots of their work, process, and projects.”

But, more importantly for me, over the few years Dribbble has been an endless source of inspiration and encouragement. By following some of the best designers and design agencies in the world, I have gained insights into a world I aspire to be part of, as well as the confidence to know that I have a chance to actually be a part of it.

Dribbble is an invite-only platform. You have to receive an electronic invitation from someone already on Dribbble, who themselves were invited to it. I was lucky enough to be given an invite earlier this year during a chance-meeting — thank you, Nat! — otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.

Now I have the opportunity to put my work in front of the best designers and design agencies in the world, not to mention potential customers and employers. (There are stories of relatively unknown designers landing incredible jobs, just through posting on Dribbble.)

My first shot seemed to be fairly well-received, especially as I’m seriously unknown! Within 24 hours, I have gained nearly 40 ‘Likes’ and 10 new followers. I hope to look back on these figures and think they’re ridiculously low, but — for now — I’m over-the-moon!

My aim is to post at least one new shot a week to Dribbble until the end of the year. So if you’re on Dribbble, follow me to see how my story unfolds.

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